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Aequinox Lombok

Aequinox Lombok

Stylish small capsule machine for small office or hotel room. Automatic capsule ejection and two coffee portion options. Water tank of 1 liter and the waste bin for 10 capsules. Available in black.

  • Nespresso compatible
  • Compact and only 2,6 Kg

The Nespresso® trademark is not owned by Aequinox GmbH or any of its affiliated companies.

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customers' most asked questions

What is the difference between industrial compostable and home compostable cups?

Industrial compostable needs to be composte in a professional, industrial waste system where home compostable may be composte at your home compost heap.

What do you mean with Dutch coffee?

Our coffee beans grow in Guatamala, Brasil and Peru. Other than that, your coffee is completely made in Holland. We roast, grind and fill your plant-based compostable capsule in small, local, professional workshops in Holland.

How long does your coffee stay fresh in the capsule?

Our coffee composable capsules are air tight, and therefore the coffee stays fresh for 12 months.