OCEANO is a sustainable dutch coffee capsule brand founded in 2017. It is our strong believe that one of the most daring challenges in reaching a respective sustainable platform is to free our oceans from plastic and the plastic soup. Plastics floating in our oceans poisens the salty waters and is being eaten by the fish. They either get killed by it or end up on our plate with tiny degraded plastics in their meat. The Logo of OCEANO represents the waves of the 5 great world oceans; Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Northern and Southern Arctic. 

We started our coffee brand by developing our guilt-free coffees. We decided to develop plant-based compostable coffee capsules made of the waste of sugar cane; bagasse. This totally makes sense as aluminium is environmentally very unfriendly. Besides our plant-based compostable coffee capsules, we believe that products should be sourced locally to minimise Co2 emission. Our coffee is roasted in Holland, grinded in Holland and filled into the capsules in Holland. And capsules are made in….. Holland. With pride we call it Dutch Coffee. 

Oceano is part of the The Green Ring. The Green Ring is a consortium of companies who have redesigned the way we create and dispose of coffee capsules. The Green Ring, represented in the green ring in all our capsules, helps the consumer to identify the biodegradable product. 

No Plastic, No All, Yes Earth!